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The Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve contains the largest continuous expanse of natural forest remaining in Honduras, a country whose deforestation rate is estimated to be 645km/year. The Reserve was classified as a World Heritage Site in Danger in 1996 due to the multiple threats which it faces including:

  • An advancing agricultural frontier (primarily cattle production) in the south-west area of the reserve;
  • Extensive logging of lowland hardwoods;
  • Uncontrolled commercial hunting of wild animals;
  • Trafficing of wild and exotic animals for pet trade;
  • Introduction of exotic species that threaten the native ecosystem;
  • Lack of adequate staff, infrastructure, and funding to adequately manage the Reserve;
  • Instability of funding for nongovernment organizations working within the Reserve;
  • Government policy and projects run counter to goals of the Reserve (e.g., plans for a hydroelectric dam project on the Patuca River, plans to permanently relocate 4000 ehtnic Miskito from Nicaragua, proposed roads within and/or near the boundary of the Reserve)

ECOS Río Plátano believes that improving educational opportunities within the Reserve will better prepare the residents to deal with these multiple threats to their land and ways of life.

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