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Scholarship Program Overview

Scholarship program goals:

  • To support qualified children who merit the opportunity to continue with their academic preparation.
  • To educate and develop young professionals from the Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve that will return to work in their communities.
  • To Support and facilitate self-development processes in the Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve.

Specific Focus of the Scholarship:

The middle school scholarship focuses on continuing education of children from the Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve. The high school scholarship focuses on the development of professionals in the following fields:

  • Primary Education Teachers
  • Ecotourism Promotion/Management
  • Ecology and Environmental Sciences
  • Sustainable Agriculture

Scholarship recipients choose which field they would like to pursue.

Students in Las Marias learn to plant seeds in a seedbed.


ECOS-Río Plátano Obligations

The middle school scholarship covers medical and food expenses for three years. The high school scholarship covers room and board, medical costs, and transportation outside of the Reserve for the period of study (3-4 years). Students that receive a scholarship for their middle school studies will have to apply again for a high school scholarship. The high school scholarship has a maximum value of US$1,000 annually and the actual award depends on field of study and location of the high school. Students that maintain the minimum qualifications for the scholarship will be guaranteed funding for the length of their study term.


Scholarship Administration

The scholarship is administered by a Local Scholarship Committee (LSC) comprised of at least three permanent residents from the coastal communities of Belen, Raistá, Nuevo Jeruselem, Cocobilia, or Ibans. The LSC works in close coordination with the Executive Director to achieve the objectives of the scholarship program. Click here for a list of current LSC members.


Scholarship Calendar

  • October - Announcement of scholarship and reception of applications

  • November - Selection of scholarship recipients and signing of contracts

  • January - First scholarship dispersment

  • May - Second scholarship dispersment; progress reports from parents

  • August - Third scholarship dispersment



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