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  The Reserve is topographically diverse and elevations range from sea level to 1,500 meters. It contains 34 ecosystems including broadleaf tropical forest, gallery forest, wet and dry costal savannas, mangrove forests, coastal lagoons and wetlands, beaches and near shore marine. The area of highest ecosystem diversity is the cultural zone that contains 32 of the 34 ecosystems present in the reserve.

Due to high ecosystem diversity, it is estimated the reserve contains more than 2,000 vascular plant species as well as approximately 410 documented bird, 130 mammal, 126 reptile and amphibian species. Particular species of interest include: giant anteater, Baird's (Central American) tapir, jaguar, Caribbean manatee, harpy eagle, scarlet macaw, great green macaw , king vulture, great curassow and crested guan.

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