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  The Río Plátano Biosphere Reserve is geographically isolated from the rest of Honduras in the region of La Mosquitia with limited access by plane or boat (1 hour and 6 hours respectively from La Ceiba, the major north coast city). The land within the reserve has a long history of human occupation as demonstrated by the 200 documented archeological sites distributed throughout the three management zones. Approximately 20,000 people currently inhabit the cultural zone (84% Miskito, 5% Garifuna, 1% Pech & 10% Mestizo). The indigenous Miskito and Pech Indians and Garifuna peoples face numerous threats including the gradual loss of language, culture, lands, and ecological knowledge from globalization and encroaching Mestizo colonists. The small population of Pech represents the last remnant of pureblooded Pech. They confront the imminent loss of language and bloodlines as they intermarry and assimilate into Miskito culture.


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